Signifier™ Fluid Management System

Signifier™ was developed in response to a request for a fluid management system on the fuel and lube trucks from customers who required data for Environmental and Cost Management.
Signifier™ communicates directly with our PLC (programmable logic controller) dispatch system for real time reporting and is capable of recording up to 10 different products.

How It Works

Fluids dispensed can either originate from a service truck or a fuel or lube island. The objective is to track the destination and volume to which the fluids were dispensed. Dispensing records will be uploaded immediately to our PLC and the user would use FTP to access the data files at their convenience (daily, weekly, monthly). Based on the information imported, any abnormalities can be flagged and work orders can be generated to alert the Maintenance Department of an issue/leak that could be taking place. Early detection of a leak based on excess consumption can prevent equipment failure and/or environmental damage to the local area. Job Specific expenses can be allocated as required Flow meters are installed between the product source supply pumps and delivery hose. The flow meters are connected to the Signifier™ panel which records and transmits the information to the PLC.

Signifier™ Benefits

  • Early leak detection can be critical to preventing a spill or any damage to the environment that may otherwise go unnoticed.
  • Fluid Balance Equation- can account to where fluids go, and find ways to reduce loss and waste
Cost Management
  • Allows for accurate cost allocation to overhead or cost reimbursable.
  • Tracking of all fluids dispensed to support equipment, ie; gen-sets, pumps, light plants, etc. that normally would not have a unit number.
  • Dramatically reduces leak reduction, less oil on ground, lower replacement cost of lost oil.
  • Down time of equipment reduced with early detection of leaks.
  • Data to determine operating cost compared to material moved.
Capital Expenditures
  • Fuel Consumption details / material moved for operational costing and justification for asset
    retirement / replacement.
  • Increased production by Fuel Management allocation to equipment.
  • Dispatch of Fuel Truck in anticipation of fueling needs is possible.
  • Abnormal consumable consumption is indicative of a leak. Work orders created automatically, maintenance can be dispatched immediately.